Equiscents Oil for Pain

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SoreEase was born out of a need for a soothing massage oil to relieve muscle aches and pains caused due to overwork, strain or injury. Originally designed for use in humans, it soon became evident that it could benefit horses and dogs too!

Formulated by a board certified massage therapist and aromatherapist, EquiScents had the ability to target her husband’s long standing deep tissue and joint injuries. As a logger and farmer, he had tried all the traditional pain medications with no success. He needed something without side effects. Something that worked, could be used daily, and also aided in the actual healing process.

This proprietary blend helps to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and is beneficial for muscle, tendon and joint support. Its combined ingredients synergistically encourage healthy and fluid movement.

EquiScents contains only 100% pure essential oils in a carrier oil base. It has no preservatives, shelf life enhancers or stabilizers! Fractionated coconut oil as its base works synergistically with the other oils to enhance absorption in the skin and into tissues. Paraben free, gluten free.

Handmade in small batches in Vermont

Animals seek out these same plants in the wild instinctively to heal what ails them. 

Safe for use on humans, dogs and horses.

Horses: this product contains no prohibited ingredients listed with the FEI. You can use it even on show day!

Suggested uses


Pre and post-exercise

Post chiropractic adjustment

After surgery

Rehabilitation from injury

Under leg wraps


On show day 

“ I am thrilled with Equiscents.  It has my arthritic Arab moving better and I love it for my own back!  It is nice to know one formula is good for the whole family human, equine, and canine!”

C.G, Vermont

“After using your SoreEase on the bruised part of my leg after surgery (whole outside hip to foot)- a couple days I started seeing, that even though the bruising is still present, the tissue is softer and more elastic. This has reduced the pain of the bruises dramatically.” 

A.S, Ottawa

“ I have been using this oil blend for about 6 months, and as a massage therapist I can say I have seen its healing benefits first hand. Thanks! I won’t go without it.”

B.L, California

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