Grassfed lamb
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Tender lamb..." NY Times
"Vermont lamb from Vermont land..." ©
Willow Hill Farm's natural grass-fed lamb is tender and healthy! All our lambs graze on native herbs and grasses on the farm and are rotated to new paddocks (pastures) each day in order to provide the most nutrient-dense forage to their diet. Nothing that is genetically modified goes into the raising of our lamb, nor do we use antibiotics or growth hormones of any kind. We lamb once a year as the farm is predominantly a sheep dairy and thus the supply is limited and when sold out is unavailable until the next season.
Grass-fed lamb has been found to be high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), an anti-cancer and heart healthy nutrient! Visit for more research and info on why grassfed is best! 
We call our lamb "Basque style." Basque style lamb is similar to the lamb produced in the mountainous Basque region of Spain. They are raised on pasture and harvested earlier than American lamb (which is feedlot finished similar to beef). It is therefore more lean than standard American lamb. Grazing our diverse pasture grasses contributes to lamb that is delicate, tender and full of varietal flavors. 
Our lambs are completely pasture-raised. They are free ranging and are never confined. Moved to new pastures each day provides optimum nutrition and flavor. They forage for grasses, legumes and wild herbs like thyme and dandelion!
"Among the best spring lamb"  Williams-Sonoma TASTE Magazine
We currently offer whole lamb which is fresh frozen, custom ordered (Vermont only at this time) available again July '09. SOLD OUT 2009- whole lamb-we still have cuts available...
Please contact us at 802.893.2963 or email us to find out more about ordering lamb
Lamb sales by appointment only on the farm, otherwise we offer lamb at the Burlington Farmer's Market on the green in City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont between May and October (Saturdays 8:30-2:00).......while supplies last!
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