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Please Note: Our viewing room is open every day from 9-5 including holidays thru December 2009. 

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Willow Hill Farm is a diversified Certified Organic farm that handcrafts internationally award-winning Vermont farmhouse sheep and cow's milk cheeses. We also raise natural grassfed lamb, pasture-raised and whey-fed pork, organic blueberries and East Friesian breeding stock. Our cheeses are plank aged in an underground cave which provides optimal temperatures and humidity for ripening. Each cheese is made from milk (no antibiotics, hormones, or gmo's) of animals fed only natural herbs and grasses; this in turn enhances their unique flavor-it is truly from the land!
  The farm is a seasonal grass-based dairy: our animals graze organic pastures to obtain the highest quality forage from Vermont's native grasses and pasture plants. We make cheese right on the farm in our licensed cheese house. Certain cheeses are seasonal and thus are not available for portions of the year.  
We are now open every day from 9-5 (thru Dec 2009). Please enjoy your cyber visit! 
 "They are simply proof that cheese making in America is breaking new ground every day." Laura Werlin, The New American Cheese 

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