Whey-fed pastured pork
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Whey Fed Pork Named in ‘Top 100 Foods’
  -Saveur Magazine 2008
What is whey feeding of pigs?
Whey is the liquid by-product that comes from our small farm’s cheese making process, rich in calcium, protein and trace minerals (especially rich from sheep's milk).
Why use whey?
Historically, cheese makers fed the liquid by-product to pigs because it was a superior protein, readily available, and created tender, full-flavored pork. Presently, industry attempts to mimic old-fashioned feeding methods by drying the whey-however, it is not the same. The well-known ham Prosciutto di Parma is made from hogs raised on whey that comes from the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese making process.   
What else do our pigs eat?
They eat all-natural grains, salt, minerals and pasture grasses. They also forage on fallen tree nuts and spend lots of time rooting up the soil. Which is what nature intended them to do….
Pork Shares-
This year we are offering this very special hard to find pork via pork shares. A share is a great way to try some without committing to a whole pig. The cost is $120 for 15 pounds of an assortment of chops, bacon, ham steaks, ribs and roasts.
Our pork will be ready in Sept 2009. We also will be offering this pork at the farmer's market we attend: Burlington,Vermont (City Hall Park Saturdays 8:30-2 thru October 31,’09)
How to buy-
It's easy! Please send a Vermont check for $50.00 to reserve a share and we will contact you for pickup dates and/or delivery:
Willow Hill Farm
313 Hardscrabble Road
Milton, Vermont 05468